A Forgotten Art

It occurred to me not long ago, when I was checking my mailbox, that all I receive are bills, junk mail and the occasional package for my youngest daughter. The last time I received a letter in the mail was 20+ years ago in my early twenties. My family moved around a lot while I was growing up. We lived in Texas, Arizona, Texas again and then Florida. While living in Mesa, Arizona, I had a friend that I kept in touch with after my family moved out of state. We wrote letters to each other all the time until we both grew up, had kids and life happened.
I miss that feeling of anticipation, waiting for the mail carrier to stop at my mailbox. I also know, all too well, the deflated feeling of disappointment when the mail carrier didn’t stop. Sure, it was a bummer but not nearly as much as opening the mailbox to bills and junk mail, with the exception of the birthday card or Christmas card, or even a Valentine’s Day card (for those who get Valentine’s Day goodies).
What happened to the simple act of sitting to write a letter to someone you care about? I know a lot of you will say technology happened. With the rise of computers, laptop computers, mobile phones that you can do almost everything on (if you have one of those high-end cell phones), and every other gadget that has been created to make life easier, hand-written letters are a forgotten art.
Some of you may say “Life happened”. Sure, I get it. I just said it a minute ago. It’s not easy to sit down to write a letter, or even a journal entry (if that’s what you do) when you’re juggling kids and a full time job. But what about when the kids are asleep? Do those dinner dishes really need to be washed right this second or even tonight?? Those dishes will still be sitting in the sink, waiting for you, while life is happening right before your eyes. An important part of life is the connection we make with others, so write that letter to your loved one, letting them know you how much you care.
With that said, it’s my goal to add my efforts to the movement of bringing back hand-written letters. I’m a new seller on Fiverr.com and I offer an affordable letter writing service for those who have trouble getting their message across. For my personal letter writing service I offer to take your words and craft a creative, well-written love letter, a letter of apology, or maybe you have something to say to someone that you have a hard time saying face-to-face. I will write a personal letter of your choice (that you can even copy by hand to stationery) for only $5. If you or someone you know needs help with a letter, please check out my service at the link below.


Do you struggle with writing a letter? What is the most difficult letter you’ve ever had to write? Have you considered writing a letter to someone you admire? Have you ever sent an anonymous letter as someone’s secret admirer? Let me know in the comments below. 😉